Links: Rejecting the feminist label, freedom, fusion, reviewing the world, prison life, and more!

* “Why millennial women don’t want to call themselves feminists.” I think the second reason the most plausible answer. (Hat tip Michael Curry.)

* “Why GNU Emacs?” (I don’t use Emacs, though I have installed it at various points and then run away, to easier, friendlier text editors.)

* New finding may explain heat loss in fusion reactors.

* The headline is too polite, but: Left-Leaning Economists Question Cost of Bernie Sanders’s Plans.

* “What Expanded Light Rail Means for Seattle: With new stations opening in March, the city takes a crucial step toward a much-needed transit overhaul.”

* I don’t know if this story is on the level, but: “How schools around the country are turning dead Microsoft PCs into speedy Chromebooks.” See also our post on Geek Heresy and how technology is not going to magically save schools.

* “One Man’s Impossible Quest to Read—and Review—the World.”

* “Risky sex [writing],” though oddly it doesn’t mention The Joy of Writing Sex: A Guide for Fiction Writers, which is pretty good but a smidge too politically correct. Still, overall “Risky Sex” is excellent and is just the right amount of funny.

* Craig Mod on the Leica Q; I’m skeptical and think the Sony RX1R or Fuji X100T are much, much better (and cheaper!).

* Scientists are floored by what’s happening in the Arctic right now.

* The rule of law enforcement, or, a journalist’s diaries / reporting from prison.

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