In Anything You Want, Derek Sivers says “the coolest people I meet are the ones who find me through something I’ve written.” Same here. So if you want to say hello or have questions or need to complain or praise or found an error, say hi at seligerj@gmail.com.

As implied by this blog’s title, this site is about books, writing, and culture—the story of the story. It began through e-mail and IM conversations with friends. When not writing here, I’m a principal at Seliger + Associates Grant Writing (which also has a blog).

Note to publicists and publishers: If you want to send books or review copies, use this address:

Jake Seliger
388 2nd Avenue
Suite 211
New York, NY 10010

I strongly prefer physical books; I have a Kindle but retain a romantic, atavistic attachment to paper. I at least start everything that crosses my desk and begin every book with the greatest of hope and least of mercy.

Bizarrely, it’s apparently now required by the FTC for me to write, somewhere “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” So those links to books include Amazon referral tags, which you probably already know if you care about that sort of thing.

12 responses

  1. ” I at the very least start everything that crosses my desk. ”
    Do you mean – “I at the very least *stare* everything that crosses my desk”.


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  4. Reading a book…not on a kindle is one of my favorite passtimes….I also love keeping a notebook of my thoughts just as much as I love to put my photos in albums. Technology is great but when the lights go out, or the battery is dead….then what….

    Great Blog btw…..


  5. Hi Jake,

    I just read your essay on becoming a PA or Nurse instead of a n MD, and found it very interesting. It, along with essays like it have steered me away from that path.

    I do have a question: you mentioned that you’ve “read thousands of books. Maybe tens of thousands.” How can this be? An elderly friend of mine has been reading for between eight and 12 hours per day for 20-plus years, with good record-keeping, and even he hasn’t cracked six thousand (and he’s 65!). Do you have a Harold Bloom-ian photo-reading ability? Or just a >800 WPM reading speed and an assiduous reading habit? Very curious to hear your answer, and any tips or resources on how to read more speedily and/or effectively.

    Thanks again for the great essay.



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