Links: The face of God at TSMC, the technological sublime, and more!

* “I Saw the Face of God in a Semiconductor Factory.” On TSMC, among many other topics.

* If you’d like to see the government-mandated shortage of housing in action.

* “Professional Sedation: Tenure is allowing humanities scholars to write and teach our profession into well-earned irrelevance.”

* Conservatives win all the time. These are some political examples, but it’s not clear that there are deeper, more cultural wins: the feel of how people behave may not show the types of win. That’s kind of what Douthat is discussing in “How the Right Turned Radical and the Left Became Depressed.”

* Melatonin’s apparent virtues. The right substances at the right doses augment the human mind and increase well-being, it seems.

* How loneliness reshapes the brain.

* “The age of average.” Don’t be dissuaded by the boring title, as it’s a deeply considered and interesting essay, and one that’s compatible with “Meditations on Moloch.”

* Bicycle. Really impressive, and non-standard, illustrations here.

* “Aviators Make Biden an All-American Badass.” Maybe?

* “The Build-Nothing Country.” Which is bad.

* “Americans Are Losing Faith in College Education, WSJ-NORC Poll Finds.” How could they not, would be another form of the question. Or, alternately: “Why did it take this long?” Back in 2017 I wrote a post about the (apparent) rise of apprenticeships, which seemed like a good thing: years of teaching college students shows that a lot of people who are in college shouldn’t be there—if for no other reason than they don’t like sitting in desks doing abstract symbol manipulation.

* “Many wealthy people are considering leaving China.” Can you blame them? Wouldn’t you?

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