Links: What’s happening around the world, albeit via many lenses

* Machines of mastery and the power of deliberate practice—which is becoming more available over time.

* On the book Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning by Nigel Biggar. I’ve not read the book but am interested in plausible, counter-narrative arguments.

* “How The Netherlands Built a Biking Utopia: In the 60s and 70s the Dutch government was building car-centered cities. Here’s how and why they pivoted.” We get the behaviors and practices we build for. If we build for cars, we get cars. If we build for other things, we get other things. Choices matter.

* “Russia’s population nightmare is going to get even worse.” The level of long-term, strategic thinking being displayed in Russia is, to put it mildly, not high. One theory is that democracies win over dictatorships because the quality of the information and decision-making degrades terribly in the latter over time.

* Related to the above: “Jeff Sonnenfeld’s Bombshell About the Russian Economy.”

* The genius of mathematician James Glimm.

* Do nonprofits drive social change?

* Reasons Heterodox Academy is failing? I’m not sure it is, and it’s hard to define “success” well.

* “The Age of American Naval Dominance Is Over: The United States has ceded the oceans to its enemies. We can no longer take freedom of the seas for granted.” Things we seem not to be paying attention to.

* On Ernst Jünger.

* Humorous review of Bronze Age Mindset, by Bronze Age Pervert (BAP).

* Dan Wang’s 2022 letter on China.

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