Links: The evolution of work, the effectiveness of the drug war, and more!

* “What hunter-gatherers demonstrate about work and satisfaction.”

* “Global Supply of Cocaine Hits Record Level, U.N. Says: Coca cultivation rose 35% from 2020 to 2021, new report says.” At what point does one declare defeat, legalize, and move on? Like the war in Afghanistan, when do we admit stalemate?

* Looks like RSV vaccines will be available by next winter, which is great!

* Orwell, Camus, and the truth. “Both of these writers took the view that truthfulness was more important than ideological allegiance and metaphysics, that the facts should be derived from the real world, rather than the world of ideas. They were similar stylistically too: both wrote candidly, clearly and prolifically.”

* “Education Commentary is Dominated by Optimism Bias.” The title makes it sound more sedate than it is.

* “Living the writing life means living with failure.” Though this underestimates the extent to which the writing world has changed in the last two decades.

* “The Great Feminization of the American University.”

* On Sebastian Berry; a promising-sounding writer if you’d like more Irish history.

* “Surprise Computer Science Proof Stuns Mathematicians: For decades, mathematicians have been inching forward on a problem about which sets contain evenly spaced patterns of three numbers. Last month, two computer scientists blew past all of those results.”

* The subway is for transportation: it seems like this ought to be obvious, but here we are. Ezra Klein dubbed the tendency not to focus “everything-bagel liberalism.”

* “Progressives need to embrace progress.” Also seems obvious, but I’ve not seen it argued this way before.

* The Uncomfortable Truth About Why Buying Furniture Is So Miserable.

* Nuclear power’s economic stack.

* “America is fighting the wrong university wars.” The bigger problem, in this writer’s view, is the non-elite, non-exclusionary public schools that act as “student warehouses,” and that don’t accomplish much.

* Argument that China is unlikely to invade Taiwan.

* On Brandon Sanderson, who appears to be a bad writer at the sentence level but is popular nonetheless.

* How to Build a Kitchen (and Why).

* On Henry Green, a most unusual writer.

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