Links: Fusion, the joy of syntax, unpopular ideas about social norms, the Title IX Star Chamber, and more!

* Nuclear fusion: Still almost there, and now almost there even more than before.

* “Feasibility of cooling the Earth with a cloud of small spacecraft near the inner Lagrange point (L1).” Basically, everyone (or at least everyone involved in science) is aware of how carbon output is heating the earth. But no one, for most values of “one,” is doing anything to reduce carbon output, so mitigation strategies are likely to become necessary to avoid human extinction.

* Alaska’s thawing soils are now pouring carbon dioxide into the air. And our collective response is to debate Nazis and identity politics.

* The joy of syntax.

* “Unpopular ideas about social norms.” We should see more of this, even if the writer of the ideas doesn’t agree.

* “8 Instagram Influencers Explain What Ingrid Goes West Gets Scarily Right.” A depressing yet fascinating article. Do people live like this? How? Why do so many other people want to virtually follow them? What gives?

* “How I Survived the Title IX Star Chamber.” If a quasi-state organization like a college explicitly says, “not to bring an attorney,” it’s a good idea to bring an attorney.

* “Too Much Debt Is Making Us Sticks-in-the-Mud.” Subtler and more useful than the title may make it appear.

* The secret life of a book manuscript. It also points to why the self-publishing industry is not a panacea and has many problems of its own.

* “The Premium Mediocre Life,” an overstated case but I get what he means.

* Humanities PhDs awarded in record numbers while available jobs continue to shrink. Perhaps people should stop going? This is my contribution to the “don’t go to grad school” genre.

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