Links: Software, divorce from the practitioner’s perspective, problem cops, Vienna, and more!

* “Writing software is hard,” an important point often not understood by those outside the industry.

* Divorce lawyers explain that divorces are much more similar than different, and yes, they all know that “your ex is an asshole,” just like everyone else’s ex.

* Why some problem cops don’t lose their badges.

* How Vienna produced ideas that shaped the West.

* The Twin Prime Hero: Rags, riches, and fame in mathematics.

* Robin Hanson’s idea trade engagement. I feel bad that I can’t think of good ideas he should blog!

* How Watership Down was written.

* “When city retirement pays better than the job: One in four El Monte residents lives in poverty. Yet taxpayers pay a steep price to fund bonus pensions and other perks for city workers.” I try not to post outrage reads, yet sometimes I can’t resist.

* The red Solo cup is a marvel of modern engineering.

* Women Who Count: 3 Smart STEM Romances.

* On The Fever by Megan Abbott.

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