Links: Books, energy, Ferrante, spying, housing, coffee, dignity and more!

* “The Marriages of Power Couples Reinforce Income Inequality,” which is, along with land-use controls, an incredibly underreported part of contemporary society and income distribution. Incidentally I contribute to the the power-couple problem while am part of the solution to the land-use-control problem.

* “Why Big Oil Should Kill Itself,” and while I don’t see it happening I find the argument interesting.

* Used bookstores are making a comeback. I’m surprised!

* More on Elena Ferrante, the author who seems to be this season’s favorite essay target.

* We may be much further from self-driving cars than is commonly imagined.

* Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance.” Are you there to serve the individuals in government, or is government there to serve you?

* “Home is where the cartel is,” on the politics of housing, inequality, and many other topics of interest, and perhaps I’ve been doing it all wrong for quite some time; I wrote a response post.

* What’s happening in coffee, a fascinating and usually detailed three-part post.

* Why bother drug testing workers when doing so accomplishes nothing?

* “Can India modernize its manufacturing economy and supply electricity to its growing population without relying heavily on coal—and quite possibly destroying the global climate?”

* “The Man With 20,000 Books.” Which is, I’m unhappy to report, considerably more than me. Perhaps it’s not the number but how you use them? His primarily concern the history of socialism / communism and judaica, neither of which are topics that interest me.

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