Links: Dating forums, bike lanes, Peter Thiel, Fuji X100T

* “Why Most PUA/Dating Forums Are Completely Fucking Worthless,” from a guy running a PUA/Dating Forum; most guys running PUA/Dating Forums appear to say this about other guys running PUA/Dating Forums, making the claim that others are completely fucking worthless a cliché of the genre.

* Counterintuitive: “Bike lanes have actually sped up car traffic in New York City.”

* “Is it okay to kill cyclists?” In the U.S., the answer is largely “yes.”

* “Elder Statesmen Declare a War on the ‘War on Drugs:’ What took them so long?” Excellent question.

* Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent.

Olympus 25mm 1.8-1022* Peter Thiel on the innovation environment; Zero to One comes out on Tuesday and you should read it.

* Peter Thiel Reddit AMA, and like the above it is consistently and exceptionally interesting.

* The Fuji X100T is an interesting looking camera that very annoyingly does not have a tilting rear LCD.

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