Links: Survival / apocalypse, cops, PhDs, bravery, writing, gender roles, rape dark numbers, and more

* “An Astrobiologist Asks a Sci-fi Novelist How to Survive the Anthropocene;” I’ve said it before, but extinction is an underrated risk.

* More about cops being jerks.

* “Why Haven’t Humanities Ph.D. Programs Collapsed?

* The Great Unravelling, which reads like a Peter Watts novel and doesn’t feel like the world I inhabit, or feel like I inhabit.

* “The Astonishing Story of the Federal Reserve on 9-11,” which is indeed astonishing and fascinating.

* Terry Teachout: “Advice to young authors,” or, expect to do almost everything and not make a lot of money. This was written before the eBook age.

Disagree-9180019* In his fascinating new book the developmental biologist Lewis Wolpert argues that there is actually hard science behind many of our stereotypical gender roles.

* Amazon releases interesting Kindle hardware for the first time in ages; if you buy it from the link I get a kickback, FWIW.

* New York is actually a relatively poor place, at least in income terms; however, I think that New Yorkers are consuming non-income amenities (or just stealing from landlords  via rent control) as compensation.

* “How Sugar Daddies Are Financing College Education,” though it lacks data.

* How Many Rape Reports Are False? Be wary of anyone who wants to emphasize or parade the more general issue while wanting to minimize this question.

* Israel’s NSA scandal.

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