Links: Libido, computers and education, distraction, prisons, art, and more

* Sexually unexcited? There may be a pill for that.

* Visualizing America’s absurd parking requirements; this could be seen as a complement to The High Cost of Free Parking.

* Giving computers to low-income kids does nothing to change outcomes.

* Focusing in a maddening distracting world.

* Flash eBook deals appear; another way of looking at this is seeing the rising value of older books that are just as accessible as newer ones.

* Ten minute lesbian sex scene sets Cannes ablaze; Blue Is the Warmest Color added to Netflix queues everywhere.

* “Solitary in Iran Nearly Broke Me. Then I Went Inside America’s Prisons.”

* How Capitalism Can Save Art, and has already in my view, though I would say “has changed” rather than “Can Save” art.

* What is happening in Istanbul.

* “To ‘the’ or Not to ‘the’?

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