Links: Email, money and writing, fighting back against the carceral state, stupidity and nationality, and more!

* “Review: Airmail, an OS X e-mail client that Chris lee doesn’t hate: It integrates everything beautifully and lets you focus your attention.”

* Do only 1,340 authors earn $100,000/year or more? I don’t see a definition of “author.”

* “Tech Companies Fight Back After Years of Being Deluged With Secret FBI Requests,” the fighting back is good if true. Also, if the Attorney General and FBI can’t even understand the law, what hope do normal people have? Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent remains underrated.

* “The Sotomayor and Kagan Dissents in Utah v. Strieff:” Yet another Supreme Court case weakens the Fourth Amendment. Again, Three Felonies A Day is essential reading.

* BMW Is Turning Its Electric Vehicle Batteries Into a New Business.

* “British Lose Right to Claim That Americans Are Dumber.” Still, on the other hand, “Americans Regain Their Appetite for Gas Guzzlers,” demonstrating that Americans are also stupid and short-sighted.

* “My four months as a private prison guard,” which should make you even more skeptical of the prison-industrial complex than you already should be.

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