Links: Inflation possibilities, cancel culture, Austin, and more!

* Supply, demand, and stagflation. It may be that “Reg Q” caused much of the harm in the ’70s: “Reg Q was a limit on the deposit rates which banks could offer. Before Money Market Mutual funds and other shadow banking institutions, this became a binding constraint on the interest rates people received. So as inflation got high, and the Federal funds rate rose, deposit rates could not keep up. And we see deposits fleeing the system whenever these rates get really binding.” That caused “deposit flight,” such that “bank credit dried up, generating a negative supply shock, and tough financial conditions.” Price controls don’t work, but, in the ’70s, politicians were still trying to use them.

* “The Supreme Court rulings represent the tyranny of the minority.”

* “Canceled at 17:” a story that indirectly and probably inadvertently argues for home schooling, or home-schooling hybrids. Social media’s second-, third-, and fourth-order effects are hard to predict. Another headline for it is “Teenage Justice A list of boys ‘to look out for’ appeared on a high-school bathroom wall last fall. The story of one of them.”

* What’s Up with Austin?

* “Ah, Carceral Liberalism.” On some peculiarities in the discourse.

* The best parenting advice Ryan Holiday remembers.

* “Why the web is (maybe) turning away from WordPress.” Lack of detailed data, but not impossible.

* Book Review: San Fransicko.” This is the review I’d write if I had more knowledge of the relevant data.

* “The Crypto Plan for World Domination. An Interview with Balaji Srinivasan.”

* On the writer Dominick Dunne.

* Does Elvis Presley Still Matter?

* “How universities were corrupted.” Maybe.

* What happened in Kuwait in Gulf War I.

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