Links: The feeling of feelings, the nature of modern institutions, the individual versus the group

* “A drama professor told students they got their feelings hurt too easily. They decided to fight back.” Another of these stories on “What’s amiss in higher education. ”

* “How to build stronger institutions in an age of wokeness” is a better title than the one given. It’s congruent with my “Dissent, insiders, and outsiders: Institutions in the age of Twitter.”

* “New mothers, not married: Technology shock, the demise of shotgun marriage, and the increase in out-of-wedlock births.” Not the usual, but possible and maybe even persuasive.

* “The global pandemic has deepened an epidemic of loneliness in America.” See also Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression by Johann Hari, which still seems like a great book to me.

* The cost of Ohio State’s diversity bureaucrats.

* “Perhaps You Should Not Spend All Day Ridiculing Others From Afar.” Seems highly reasonable.

* “Facing Hostile Chinese Authorities, Apple CEO Signed $275 Billion Deal With Them.” The article is stashed behind a paywall, but it’s useful and revealing to note Apple’s attitude towards U.S. operations and government, versus its attitude to China operations and government.

* “How the University of Austin Can Change the History Profession.” That would, it would seem, be good.

* “ Why Washington Won’t Fix Student Debt Plans That Overload Families: Lawmakers know federal Plus loans burden millions of parents and graduate-degree earners with balances they can’t afford, yet Congress repeatedly punts on changing the programs. Here are five reasons.” There are the usual insane examples, like “Rhiannon and Michael Funke, both 43, owe a combined $778,000 in federal student loans for multiple graduate and undergraduate programs. Dr. Funke is in law school. Ms. Funke says she earns less than $100,000 annually as an attorney and that ‘We feel like we are shackled.’” How many colleges and universities, deeply concerned about the poor and underrepresented minorities, have foregone student-loan funding models?

* “Democrats Are Losing the Culture Wars: Echoing the New Democrats of the Clinton era, some liberal critics are begging Democrats to change course.” Obvious.

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