Links: On Bitcoin, medical fears, order and disorder, and more!

* “Bitcoin and Electricity.”

* “Doctors Warn New Medical School Guidance Would Lead to Unqualified Physicians and Unscientific Medicine.”

* “The Culture of the Single Millennial.” The sort of thing that reminds us of why Substack is useful.

* Attempts to create a universal flu vaccine.

* “San Diego Hasn’t Surrendered to Disorder:” one reading of events.

* “The Overwhelming Underwhelmingness of Academia: Three Reasons to Leave:” on the epistemological crisis in the social “sciences.”

* Is academia becoming less masculine? And further comment. Matches my anecdotal impressions.

* “A Multigenerational Home in Amsterdam Can Be Reconfigured for Changing Demands.” This is the sort of thing that overly restrictive mandatory single-family zoning in the United States prevents. Much of the U.S. tech and entrepreneurial sectors are creative, fast-paced, and adaptive, while anything related to land use and housing is slow, sclerotic, and ossified. We can and should do better.

* Why Michael Bloomberg is backing charter schools.

* “Alumni Withhold Donations, Demand Colleges Enforce Free Speech.” Possibly a bogus trend story.

* “When the Crime Wave Hits Your Family: Our nanny’s living room in Oakland was sprayed with bullets. It didn’t even make the local news.” It’s hard not to foresee a political backlash in California and elsewhere.

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