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  1. I don’t know yet what this says about the value of books in the New York-New Jersey area, but it does suggest something to me about Goodwill. It’s long been clear that they’re just another business that uses charity as a fig leaf, but now they’re probably applying the same metrics as any other big corporate retailer, where a company tries to maximize profit per square foot of space on the sales floor.

    Here in the D.C. suburbs, we have two thriving used-book businesses with large retail spaces and two additional used bookstores that raise money for the county library system. Used books—even with a glut of them from random donations full of low-value books—are apparently still viable as either a business or a charity. Goodwill is probably focusing on putting items in its stores with much higher profit margins. Just my speculation, though; I could be (and often am!) wrong.


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