Links: Tour de raunch, so-called online lives, the California turn, and more!

* “Tour de Raunch: A brief history of sex in American fiction.” Oddly, we seem to have found ourselves in a kind of new prudery, which is, like the old prudery, also mixed with prurience.

* “A deep dive into why Wi-Fi kind of sucks.” There is an old saying: People who know wireless, choose wired. Ethernet cables are extremely cheap and in most apartments there’s no reason not to run them.

* Silicon Valley: A reality check.

* The NIMBY challenge.

* “My So-Called (Instagram) Life.” Expect to see more of these. The gap between what people show in public (or “public”) and how they actually feel may be growing.

* “Dark Futures: What happens when literary novelists experiment with science fiction.” Has the distinction ever been neat?

* “Elon Musk’s tunnel plan is surprisingly outdated—and bad.”

* Washington State, New York, and California form climate alliance.

* “When the Left Turns on Its Own,” especially on campus; oddly, we also saw versions of this in the ’90s, with Alan Sokal being one prominent example. Alas, though, current campus disruptors would have to sit in class or read to learn about this history.

* “Higher Education Seeks Answers to Leaner Years

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