Links: Oceans, coffee, teachers, facts, incompetence, pens, and more!

* “Scientists have detected a major change to the Earth’s oceans.” And it’s a change that’s been long predicted.

* “The Coffee Shaman: Meet the man responsible for third-wave coffee—and the Frappuccino.” I love those coffee shops, although since I work at home I use them in part to escape.

* “Stop Humiliating Teachers,” a lovely piece though unlikely to happen.

* “Why facts don’t change our mind.

* “Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?“, a salient question for obvious reasons.

* “From work to income to health to social mobility, the year 2000 marked the beginning of what has become a distressing era for the United States.” Maybe.

* “A weapon for readers.” You may have seen this weapon deployed here. My favorite weapon right now is this one.

* The great American streetcar myth.

* Is our view of romantic love too narrow? Philosopher Carrie Jenkins makes the case for polyamory.

* “On Meaning, Identity Politics and Bias in the Academy — An Interview with Clay Routledge.” Also about the many odd intellectual currents on campus at the moment.

* On To the House of the Sun.

* “The ‘Civilized’ World Looked On and Did Nothing,” a timely reminder.

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