Links: Feminist sympathizes with “men’s rights,” Eichmann in Jerusalem, Hollywood, clothes and costs, and more

* “How this feminist found herself sympathising with the men’s rights movement.”

* At least one smart, well-informed person, Radley Balko, thinks “In Gorsuch, Trump gave Democrats a gift. They should take it.” I don’t know enough to have an opinion but generally like Balko’s skepticism towards the consolidation of government power over individuals and also like his book Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces. Most of the discussion I’ve seen so far has been unenlightening.

* Scott Alexander on Eichmann in Jerusalem; I find the sections on bureaucratic and societal resistance most interesting. When I was younger I thought the “what” and “why” about a thing were the most interesting parts, but now I see that the “how” is at least as important.

* “Pants For the Cost of A Postage Stamp: A Conversation with Jacob Yazejian, Used Clothing Exporter.” This is an example of the “how” question being explained.

* “How Immigration Uncertainty Threatens America’s Tech Dominance.” Well-known to people in the field and not known at all among voters.

* America needs to abandon its reverence for bachelor’s degrees.

* “Why Hollywood as We Know It Is Already Over,” although I have been reading similar-ish articles for ~10 years.

* “The psychology of why 94 deaths from terrorism are scarier than 301,797 deaths from guns.”

* Things you don’t expect to read in The Chronicle of Higher Education: “‘I Have Multiple Loves:’ Carrie Jenkins makes the philosophical case for polyamory.”

* Evan McMullins is trying to save democracy.

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