Links: Liu Cixin’s SF trilogy, cops, Trump country explanations, Nell Zink, Internet culture, and more

* Robin Hanson on Liu Cixin’s Trilogy; I couldn’t get into the first book and abandoned it at some point.

* “‘Do Not Resist’: A look at the normalization of warrior cops.”

* “Deep Stories: Arlie Russell Hochschild journeys into the heart of Trump Country.”

* “Anti-globalists: Why they’re wrong.”

* I was looking through the archives and came across the entertaining-in-retrospect post “$20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline will Change Our Lives for the Better — Christopher Steiner.” Oops. Someone got that one real wrong, at least over relevant time horizons.

* From a comment, Jeff’s thoughts on Nell Zink’s thoughts on the corporatisation of universities (or lack thereof).

* “Prosecutors who withhold or tamper with evidence now face felony charges.” Good. This is a long-overdue change.

* “To end the affordable housing crisis, Washington needs to legalize Main Street.” Local NIMBYs are impeding housing growth and enabling soaring housing prices.

* Likely SFW, as it’s all text: “Has Internet Culture Ruined Love and Sex? Tinder, orgies, alt-porn, and orgasmic meditation.” Likely answer to most “Has Internet ruined x?” stories is “no.”

* “Amazon wants Prime members to read a book,” hat tip Isaac.

* What Chinese corner-cutting reveals about the modern economy, more interesting than the title suggests.

* Sodom, LLC: The Marquis de Sade and the office novel.

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