Links: Education climates, housing, who pays?, fusion, art, and more

* Teacher who got fired after student stole her nude pics sues school district. Good. She should win.

* Welcome to the next housing crisis: chronic undersupply of homes for a growing country. A point I’ve made before but that is worth making again. Housing touches so many other issues: innovation, education, “income inequality,” opportunity.

* “Millennials like socialism — until they get jobs.” Sometimes students express shock and horror that anyone, anywhere would vote for Republicans. When they do, I sometimes ask, “How much did you pay in taxes last year?” They look at me, confused, and then I say something like, “When you can answer that question immediately, you’ll know one reason. Which isn’t an endorsement of the party as a whole or of specific Republicans, but it is a small piece that may offer a partial answer.” People subsidizing others and people being subsidized often have very different views.

* Is the cold fusion egg about to hatch? A question we’ve been asking for 60 years.

* “Why Reston, Virginia, Still Inspires Planners 50 Years Later: How the D.C. suburb’s pedestrian-centric, mixed-use approach came to dominate urban design.” This helps: “Simon’s ideas on urban design dated back to his early twenties, when he bicycled through Europe. As a gregarious conversationalist, he loved how this mode of transit allowed him to meet so many people.”

* “The New Old Masters: New Yorker Jacob Collins and his devoted students seek a radical reclamation of artistic tradition,” which makes many points I’ve long thought about but rarely articulated. For at least the last forty years visual art has been wildly bogus, for reasons Camille Paglia describes in Glittering Images and elsewhere.

* What Higher Education Can Learn From The Fall Of The Newspapers.

* Imagine If Conservatives in Academia Could Safely ‘Come Out.'”

* “Nafta May Have Saved Many Autoworkers’ Jobs.” Things you do not hear from politicians.

* “When will rooftop solar be cheaper than the grid?” In some places, it already is.

* Republican wonk Keith Hennessey: “I oppose Donald Trump.”

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