Links: The Power Broker, bogus pre schools, Conrad, email, sugar, and more

* “‘The Power Broker,’ 40 Years Later,” which is much more moving than it sounds.

* “Preschool Can Be Worse Than the Alternative.” We’ve worked on numerous proposals for New York City’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) program, and some of that experience has made us… skeptical… of the push for more structured education for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

* “Joseph Conrad’s powerful novels anticipate the bloody political conflicts of the modern world;” a more accurate essay I’ve rarely read.

* “The Real Anti-Facebook Is Good Old Email.” Which I still use more than any other online system, though sometimes I feel out of time for doing so. I do use Dropbox for distributing pictures, though.

* Terence Tao successfully attacks the Erdős discrepancy problem by building on an online collaboration.

* “The Rise and Fall of Erdogan’s Turkey: No other state has catapulted itself into the future quite as rapidly, nor relapsed back into its dark past as suddenly, as Turkey. First there was modernization, and now the beginnings of a civil war. The country is divided by mistrust and hate.”

* The Money Spent Selling Sugar to Americans Is Staggering: Why do we eat what we eat? Three experts attempt to answer.

* The Case of Richard Glossip, who is about to be murdered by the state—in the United States.

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