Links: Phones and markets, publishing, DNA tests, lying, murder, and more!

* “An outfit called Midtraffik is trying to address [the image problems of busses] the old-fashioned way — with advertising.”

* You can now unlock your phone, which should lead to a more robust second-hand cell phone market.

* The Faces of Publishing.

* “Your DNA Is Nothing Special: It’s time to relax about genetic testing,” a terrible headline and great sub-head.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA* “Good Lovers Lie,” by Clancy Martin of, perhaps not coincidentally, How to Sell fame.

* “How We Write About Love,” interesting throughout, though if the genders were switched and the generalizations remained I predict the author would either have not written the piece or would get blowback because of it.

* The Internet makes questions of meaning more salient, not less; one man’s boring is another’s interesting; and I’m struck by how many ways we have to say things and how little many of us have to say.

* College students use social media to be anti-social.

* Cops murder a guy on camera.

* “Keep typing until it turns into writing.”

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