Early January links: Renting, leasing, and owning books, measuring teachers, sex and female success, Facebook, Borders, and more

* Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.

* Books owned and leased.

* The Problem of Measurement in evaluating teachers, with these problems still being better than no measurement at all, which currently exists.

* Touching Your Junk: An Ontological Complaint.

* The sexual cost of female success. My favorite line:

Hookups happen outside of college just as much outside of college as in, if not more. But colleges that have Greek systems, people are more likely to hook up. I mean fraternities exist for this purpose — this is a cartel of men who have covenanted together to try to help the brothers access sex cheaply and without strings.

* And Now, For No Particular Reason, a Rant About Facebook, which is basically how I feel. Especially this, regarding why Scalzi uses Facebook: “Because other folks do, and they’re happy with it and I don’t mind making it easy for them to get in touch with me.” In college I also used it, like every other college student, to efficiently figure out which girls (in my case) or boys (in the case of some others) were single.

* The [Possible] Future of China? Look at Mexico.

* I had never considered the idea of moving to Latvia prior to reading this, from Marginal Revolution.

* Have we reached peak travel? (Here’s another view.)

* Apparently, the Nissan Leaf is pretty good.

* Borders may be about to die, and Megan McArdle precisely captures my feelings and practices regarding its demise. Like her, I like the idea of there being more bookstores, even as I order most of my books from Amazon and Abe Books because doing so is cheaper and more convenient.

* This is not good but, regardless of whether it’s good, may simply be the new state of things: “In essence, we have seen the rise of a large class of “zero marginal product workers,” to coin a term. Their productivity may not be literally zero, but it is lower than the cost of training, employing, and insuring them.”

* Is law school a losing game? Implied answer: yes. Actual answer for most people: also yes.

* What went wrong at Borders.

* Reading the book.

* Southwest Airlines pilot holds plane for murder victim’s family. Wow.

* Speaking of Slate, someone wrote asking, “Is it legal to booby trap my house?” I can answer this: no, at least not lethally. You can read some discussion of a South Carolina Statue here. Or see Wikipedia here.

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