Quote of the Day: Hemingway and Fitzgerald in The Sun Also Rises

“[Robert] Cohn, the sad, ineffectual woman-haunted Princetonian, is most debilitated by being a Scott Fitzgerald hero in an Ernest Hemingway novel.”

That’s Patrick Morrow in his essay “The Bought Generation: Another Look at Money in The Sun Also Rises,” proving that not all academic articles must be humorless. I’m paying particular attention to humor, too, since I’m writing about humor as a response to conditions in The Sun Also Rises and The Dud Avocado. This is a more exciting topic than it may sound!

2 responses

  1. For an interesting look at the real-life relationship between Hemingway and Fitzgerald check out Hemingway’s memoir, A Moveable Feast. Published after Hemingway’s death, it is a new take on modernism and its major literary players.


  2. The term “Scott Fitzgerald hero” isn’t common and a Google search on the term doesn’t pull up anything. So I have no idea what Morrow means by the quote, even having read a decent amount of Fitzgerald.

    I’d always read Cohn as simply the foil that set off the depths of the protagonist’s self-loathing. The much-derided boxer at least stands up for himself and his principles when abused by Brett, which is something the protagonist never does, going rather the other way when he debases himself and his principles in arranging for her affair with Pedro Romero.


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