Melville and the theme of boredom

I’m writing a paper on Melville’s Pierre: or, The Ambiguities, which is slowly driving me crazy (I leave it to the reader to decide whether I refer to paper or book). While searching the library last week, I came across a book whose content has no doubt been contemplated by many a student over the years:

In case you can’t read the spine, it says Melville and the Theme of Boredom. If I hadn’t seen it in a research library, I’d assume the title to be a work of parody.

One response

  1. Ha! Hahaha, I really love Melville but, yes, there’s probably more than a little to say of that theme’s ubiquity in some of his longer tomes and so forth. Still, I was very happily surprised by how not-bored I was with Moby-Dick.


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