Bookshelves, offices, and Neil Gaiman

Photos of Neil Gaiman’s impressive bookshelves have been making rounds of the literary blagosphere, and let me be the latest to link to them and say “wow.”

Gaiman Shelves

(There are more pictures in the original post.)

My own are humbler; I posted some pictures of the shelves in my old apartment here, and you can see one of them here:


Not nearly as impressive as Gaiman’s, to be sure. But then I haven’t been reading as long and have purged much of my library twice: once when I left for college and discarded much of the pulp fantasy (like DragonLance and The Wheel of Time) that I used to like, and again when I graduated from college and figured that many of the books, both ones I’d read in general and in class, I was unlikely to read again. So far that’s proven right regarding, for example, Spenser’s The Faerie Queen. Someday, when I’m less mobile than I am now, I wouldn’t mind a setup like Gaiman’s. And by “wouldn’t mind,” I probably mean something closer to “would love to have.”

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