My library on Goodreads

Lily Koppel, author of The Red Leather Diary, invited me to Goodreads, a site dedicated to “what your friends are reading.” I don’t have any Goodreads “friends,” as Facebook fulfills my need for electronic distractions, but I did upload my library—including the vaguely embarrassing stuff, the gag gifts, and the like—for the curious or voyeuristic among you.

I feel no great need to point out what might entail “embarrassing stuff.”

EDIT: I switched the “sort” to “random,” which seems more appropriate. In addition, these are cataloged using Delicious Library 2—I didn’t enter each one by hand.

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  1. Hmmmm I believe someone else invited you to join Godreads last year and you scoffed at it….

    Pointedly not your friend on Goodreads,


    • Patrick—

      I sent you this via e-mail, but I’ll leave it here as well for others. To export your Delicious Library to Goodreads, open DL and go from File -> export -> export to another application. You’ll get a window with a bunch of options. You want to export only ISBN numbers. Choose Separate Multiple values with a comma and have a comma-separated delimiter. When you hit export, save the file wherever you wish.

      You now have a CSV file.

      Now go to your Good Reads account. Click “add more” books, then select “import books” and then click “choose file” from “select a file (csv/xls/txt). Choose the file you just created in Delicious Library. You’ve now imported your DL library to Goodreads. Congrats.


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