New workspace

A year and a half ago, I uploaded a picture of my writing space. Things have changed, and Nigel Beale’s challenge inspires me to post another:

Notable features include an Aeron, the ultimate chair, ink bottles, a backup hard drive used with Time Machine, a gargantuan, wonderful iMac, and a Unicomp Customizer keyboard that inspired this rave—it’s now the most trafficked post on my site.

From Nigel’s blog I went to the Guardian and found out that Alain de Botton has an Aeron too, which obviously enhances the psychic connection established when I shook his hand and discussed Cooper Minis with him in Seattle. His fun novel Kiss & Tell was on my senior year AP English exam.

Notice also the ink bottles hiding between the lamp, book, and base of the computer. I have an anachronistic bend toward fountain pens, and these days I most often use an ink mix of Noodler’s luxury blue blended with Diamine Mediterranean Blue. Juxtaposing inks that Chaucer might have recognized with the computer he probably would not seems an appropriate homage to old and new.

I’d post bookshelves pictures too were my books not substantially packed in preparation for moving.

7 responses

  1. My workspace these days is my couch, laptop carefully balanced atop a copy of “Where’s Waldo”, 3 cups of stale coffee on the coffee table, a pile of business cards, an opened bottle of excedrin and a slew of mismatched pillows.


  2. I know this is an older post on your blog, but I found my way here from the review of the Unicomp keyboard.

    I must say I share your love of anachronism. Back in college, while learning to program, I would write Pascal code on an IBM PC/XT, whilst listening to Mozart on the CD player, with the only light in the room other than the CRT being a pair of kerosine lamps that adorned my 1940’s vintage desk.


  3. since you care about your body by buying aeron have you thought about buying an electrically adjustable desk? Specifically a desk that allows you to modify your sitting position throughout the day from sitting to perching to standing?

    their are loads of manufacturers out there i think even ikea does one


    • I’ve thought about it but never done it: I usually stand up and pace every 60 – 120 minutes anyway. More importantly, I don’t think I’d really like to work standing, based on my (limited) experience with it.


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