Among the more amusing reviews I’ve read recently is Cristina Nehring on Esther Perel’s new book, Mating in Captivity. The last sentence of this paragraph in particular is a standout:

Even though [Esther Perel] was born in Belgium and schooled in Israel, and speaks eight languages, she is fundamentally, deeply American — indeed, announcing that you speak eight languages is a deeply American thing to do. (As I write, I am living in Crete, where half the people who wash floors in hotels speak eight languages and don’t tell you.) Perel is American in both the best sense and the worst in which Europeans use the term: She is American in her can-do conviction that people will live happily ever after. She is American also in her self-promotion[…] She is American, finally, in her unquestioning assumption that we should work like hell on our sex lives.

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