Links: News about the news, criticism about criticism, and more!

* “I stopped reading the news. Is the problem me — or the product?” “The product,” mostly, although a lot of scientific and technical news is interesting. It’s possible to construct a mostly useful and interesting information universe, but it’s hard, and RSS feeds help. The most interesting stuff is rarely in the big publications, except Bloomberg and one or two others.

* We’re going to need a lot of solar panels.

* “How a Public School in Florida Built America’s Greatest Math Team.” Notice: “It turned out there was value in putting a bunch of smart kids in the same room: They feel empowered to make each other smarter.” Peer effects matter.

* “Criticism of criticism of criticism.” Read it carefully and think about it and it does make sense.

* The four quadrants of conformism.

* “Democrats in America are realising they must moderate or die: The prospect of defeat in the mid-terms and beyond is moving many away from their most radical ideas.” It seems obvious, and yet is somehow missed.

* Why we ignore thousands of daily car crashes.

* Things about peer review, and a history of it. Consistent at least with my comments about peer review run amok.

* “How we will fight climate change.” “Technology” is the only feasible answer.

* The Framework modular laptop appears to be good.

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