Links: The nature of schools, the story of mRNA vaccines, amphetamine information, and more!

* “School Closures Were a Catastrophic Error. Progressives Still Haven’t Reckoned With It. Sometimes you need to own up to an error so it’s not repeated.” Of course, people don’t do things they “need” to do, or reckon with things they “need” to reckon with, all the time. The venue for this one is surprising.

* The beautiful story of mRNA vaccines.

* “The annihilation of Michel Houellebecq.” On his latest, and perhaps last, novel: it sounds skippable to me, something I’ve said I’ve nothing else in his body of work except The Possibility of an Island.

* “Know Your Amphetamines!” Though it doesn’t discuss modafinil, however.

* “The YIMBYs are starting to win a few: Slowly but surely, progressives are realizing that they need to build, build, build.” Better late than never, but this would’ve been a useful realization ten or twenty years ago.

* Intel’s woes, and whether it can get out of them. If one dates its woes to the era of turning down building iPhone chips, it’s nearing two decades of ineptness. If one merely restricts its woes to falling behind TSMC, its woes can be dated to a more recent, but still years ago, period.

* “The rise of the literary noble savage.” The more interesting literary essays are appearing un UnHerd, it would seem, which means you should subscribe.

* “Terry Teachout and the Last of the Conservative Critics.” As in temperament, more than politics. Genuinely conservative politics seem dead in the United States, right now.

* “High medical bill in the ER leaves family reeling.” That all costs still aren’t posted online, in advance, is a travesty.

* The death of intimacy?

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