Links: On free software, on ClimeWorks, on tools for thinking, and more!

* “Moral lessons from free software and GNU Emacs.”

* More on ClimeWorks, a firm attempting to scale carbon capture and storage; they accept subscriptions. The small number of subscribers relative to the large number of people saying we should “do something” about climate change is a notable datum to me.

* On Literary Alchemist: The Writing Life of Evan S. Connell, among other things. I’m not convinced his life is to be admired, and somehow Mrs. Bridge seems easy for me to skip.

* Preferring to be popular is better than not, particularly when elections are involved.

* “Street crime has distorted our politics before. If we don’t get it under control, it will do so again.” Thinking historically: underrated, still. It seems that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg will stop seeking prison sentences in slew of criminal cases, including armed robbery. So Manhattan will apparently treat a guy entering a store, pointing a gun at the clerk, and leaving as a misdemeanor.

* “A year ago, I still believed very much that the best use of my energy was to try to work to shore up the old institutions from the inside. I was wrong.” Among other topics. Consistent with my essay on “Dissent, insiders, and outsiders: Institutions in the age of Twitter.”

* “ Hospitals Still Not Fully Complying With Federal Price-Disclosure Rules: Some healthcare systems post incomplete pricing data or nothing at all.”

* On the death of the media industry, including: “Also, I’m afraid reading may have declined in general. I have no data on this. But the digital war of attrition on reading has gotten so bad that the kind of people who once didn’t have the attention span to read novels now don’t have the attention span to get through an entire text message.”

* Dan Wang’s 2021 letter.

* The sad demise of Scientific American. Or, another piece, on the same subject.

* Great interview with Marc Andreessen.

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  1. The concentration span of a human is now about the same as a goldfish. Emojis are largely responsible.
    Reform from the inside of institutions has never brought about a Paradigm Shift.


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