Links: Barnes & Noble’s mismanagement, movies, bikes, reading, Jordan Peterson, and more!

* The entirely unnecessary demise of Barnes & Noble.

* “Brown Stares Down the Censors: When speech is protected, debate replaces mayhem.” Good. The University of Chicago has made similar moves.

* “Fifty Shades Freed Is Memento With Butt Plugs,” a hilarious review.

* Why can’t riding bikes in America just be normal?

* China’s great leap forward in science. Good news if true.

* Writer, reader: “I have forgotten how to read.” And many will likely never know what reading is.

* “The Importance of Taleb’s System: The Fourth Quadrant to the Skin in the Game.”

* “What’s happening to authors’ earnings? Surveying the surveys.” Basically, don’t try to make an adult income from writing books because you likely won’t. The final subhead is titled “Falling off a cliff,” and that qualifies as burying the lead.

* Amusing ways people found this blog: searching for “sex with coase” (as in Ronald Coase? The economist?) and “ticker max biok mate, reviews,” which may signal something about the quality of the person searching. Or they could just be typos.

* Are book reviews now too positive?

* Jordan Peterson’s gospel of masculinity.

* Why Do We Sleep Under Blankets, Even on the Hottest Nights?

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