Links: Nashville, the social experiment, education and outrage, and more!

* Me, on Grant Writing Confidential, on “Nashville, seen and unseen,” regarding a recent trip there.

* “Sex and the Seductions of Social Explanation.” Concerns a very interesting book that I’ve now ordered.

* “Why Trump Just Might Blow Up NAFTA.” All of us may eventually suffer the poor choices of 2016 voters.

* “Education in the age of outrage.” I think part of what individuals (like me!) can do is simply try to tone down the outrage machine and focus on facts and understanding first and evaluation second (or third). Most people want to do judgment first and understanding later, if ever, which is not very satisfying for anyone, even the outraged.

* “Kimbal Musk wants to feed America, Silicon-Valley style.” Great! Sign me up.

* “A Jane Austen Kind of Guy: I get it that women find my affinity for their writer intrusive, but her world has much to offer men, too.”

* “‘Willing to Do Everything,’ Mothers Defend Sons Accused of Sexual Assault.” It’s surprising that almost no one saw this coming.

* “We Libertarians Were Really Wrong About School Vouchers” has an overstated headline but is interesting throughout for anyone interested in education, and this especially is true: “The socioeconomic status of the students in a school is somewhat easier for parents to observe than the quality of the pedagogy.” Really good teaching looks a lot like average if not below average teaching for a very long time, and it’s often hard to tell if the teaching has been any good until long after the class is over. Most of us know this anecdotally.

* “Cheater’s Poker: Esther Perel’s suave, crowd-pleasing take on surviving infidelity.”

* “Teenage Wasteland,” by Claire Lehman of Quilette, on Jean Twenge’s book iGen.

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