Links: Western Civ, smartphones and culture, free speech, “American War,” and more!

* “The crisis of Western Civ.”

* “Smartphones Are the New Cigarettes.” See also me from 2012, “Facebook and cellphones might be really bad for relationships.”

* “The French, Coming Apart,” a surprisingly deep article about Christophe Guilluy.

* “Solarcoaster: The Promise and Pitfalls of Rooftop Solar Jobs.”

* “Free speech, but not for all?” A very bad academic trend.

* The new novel American War depicts 2075 and a nightmarish vision of America’s future.

* “Why doesn’t ancient fiction talk about feelings?” Interestingly, neither does Elmore Leonard or modern pornography.

* “Can China Replace the West?” No. Note that the piece is more intelligent than you may assume from the title. Also, when in doubt keep an eye on immigration and emigration rates; people who vote with their feet are much more compelling than those who do with their voice!

* “ The siren song of homogeneity.” Looking over this links post, I realize that most of it is about deep thinking about political patterns. Which is maybe appropriate, given Brexit and Trump.

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