Links: Wi-Fi kinda sucks, alcohol, coffee, and civilization, free speech and free lives, and more!

* “A deep dive into why Wi-Fi kind of sucks.” Ethernet is now oddly underrated, especially given how cheap cables are from Monoprice.

* How Alcohol and Caffeine Helped Create Civilization.

* “Trump has set the US up to botch a global health crisis.” Which should scare you. We dodged the Ebola bullet more narrowly than most people realize.

* “Middlebury’s Statement of Principle: Learning is possible only where free, reasoned and civil speech is respected.” Though lunatics make the news about academia with distressing frequency, most academics are actually reasonable. But “reasonable” is rarely newsworthy.

* Myths about military spending, from an unlikely source.

* Mike Carper on photography and the business in photography.

* “On Political Correctness: Power, class, and the new campus religion.” See also me on related themes: “The race to the bottom of victimhood and ‘social justice’ culture” and “How do you know when you’re being insensitive? How do you know when you’re funny?

* “In the Future, We’ll All Wear Spider Silk.” Very cool if / when it pans out. But I’ve been seeing similar articles for years; maybe spider silk is the cold fusion of fashion.

* Researchers replicate the Milgram Experiment. A timely piece.

* “What If Sociologists Had as Much Influence as Economists?” Sounds stupid but isn’t.

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