Life: Living meaningfully edition

“While perhaps unintuitive, research that examines the differences between meaning and happiness finds that the things that give us a sense of meaning don’t necessarily make us happy. Moreover, people who report having meaningful lives are often more interested in doing things for others, while those who focus mostly on doing things for themselves report being only superficially happy.”

—Dan Ariely, Payoff. Here is a previous post on hearing him speak about Predictably Irrational in Seattle.

Links: Irrationality, concrete as a weapon, and why social media is terrible for multiethnic democracies

* “How Two Trailblazing Psychologists Turned the World of Decision Science Upside Down,” a really marvelous piece and one that feels highly relevant right now.

* “Never, never, never normalize this:” “It’s become depressingly clear the last few days that even many American liberals don’t understand the magnitude of what’s happened.”

* The Most Effective Weapon on the Modern Battlefield is Concrete.

* “Why social media is terrible for multiethnic democracies,” another of these important stories that’ll go unread by the people who really need to read them.

* Millennials are leaving coastal cities, choosing central ones. In short, the rent is too damn high.

Why social media is terrible for multiethnic democracies
, from Jonathan Haidt.

* To Mars, Not a Moment Too Soon.

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