Links: The dream, the cars, the madness

* “Why China won’t own next-generation manufacturing.” Maybe.

* “The Devil and John Holmes: John Holmes was a porn star. Eddie Nash was a drug lord. Their association ended in one of the most brutal mass murders in the history of Los Angeles.” If this were a novel I’d call it unrealistic.

* “‘America Is a Dream Country:’ What does it mean to spend years as a Syrian refugee and then land in a brand new life in Erie, Pennsylvania?” A point often missed in abstract political debates.

* “Europe’s ageing population is set to wreak havoc with the economy,” an underappreciated point.

* “Why Electric Cars Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think.”

* A Conversation with Jonathan Haidt, on the madness infecting college campuses (and other topics).

* Are PhD students irrational?

* The demise of the textbook mafia, one hopes.

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