Links: Paper, criticism, Volts, engineering, wealth, revealed preferences, and more!

* “How Paper Shaped Civilization.”

* “Beware critics with theories,” a point made too infrequently among nattering academics. I remember staring into the medium distance in grad school seminars, listening to professors pontificate about how nothing is outside language, and wanting to throw water bottles at them to demonstrate that yes, in fact, some things are outside language.

* “How the 2016 Chevy Volt added 18 miles of EV range” and got better all around. The Volt is a consistently underrated car. On Hacker News someone asked, “Why don’t more folks respect this car?” That’s an excellent question, and I find most answers unconvincing. My guess is more psychological or sociological: GM has none of the sex appeal / marketing that Tesla or even BMW has. For that reason the Volt is easily overlooked or disrespected; in addition, it’s an important car but doesn’t have the pizzazz of an all-electric car. Still, it’s available today, relatively cheaply, and that should count for a lot. People don’t realize what an incredible engineering achievement it is.

* We’re 10 to 30 times richer than we were 200 years ago (points rarely made). Saliently to this blog, we also have many more good books to read, with more being written every year!

* Adam Gopnik on “The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump,” which is similar to my essay “People can believe in madness for surprisingly long periods of time.”

* Unsurprisingly, even “environmentalists” will sell their land or mineral rights to oil companies. The phrase “revealed preferences” comes to mind.

* “Behind the Making of Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience,” more interesting than it sounds. See my thoughts here.

* Pay Attention To Libertarian Gary Johnson; He’s Pulling 10 Percent vs. Trump And Clinton.

* “The Perils of Writing a Mildly Provocative Email at Yale,” which is another chapter in campus madness.

* Skeptical of the content, but I read it as funny: “Gay Until Labor Day: Stretching Female Sexuality in the Hamptons.”

* “Is everything wrestling?” Especially in politics?

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