Links: The vile mattress industry, urban change, the ideal marriage, reality, and more!

* Why online mattress companies proliferate; the title is mind because the title of the original is too stupid to repeat.

* “The Heroes of CRISPR,” an incredible story novelistic in detail.

* “60 Years of Urban Change,” or, as Paul Graham put it, “Rather terrifying before and after aerial views of US cities.” The cost of highways is still today underappreciated.

* “The Ideal Marriage, According to Novels.”

* “He taught me that it’s much better to face harsh reality than to close your eyes to it. Once you are aware of the dangers, your chances of survival are much better if you take some risks than if you meekly follow the crowd. That is why I trained myself to look at the dark side.” That’s from a fascinating interview on Europe with George Soros.

* “Poetry used to be performance, not the subject of close textual analysis. The century-old shift from poetry for the ear to poetry for the eye has not been good for poetry.” The most heard “poetry” is pop music, and pop music is performed. Incidentally, in The Lord of the Rings the poetry / songs are all recited rather than read.

* Economics in thrillers and mysteries. Anyone have other recommendations?

* “Seattle Transit Tunneling Is Going Great, and The People Want More.” Headlines rarely seen!

* Howself-driving cars may change cities.

* George’s comment on “Do millennials have a future in Seattle? Do millennials have a future in any superstar cities?”

* “Privilege and inequality in Silicon Valley: Why ‘few successful startup founders grew up desperately poor.’” Note that a startup founder wrote this and it isn’t the usual garbage you’re (legitimately) expecting.

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