Links: Unexpected intellectualism, academia, unions, walking, and more!

* “Jonah Peretti on how BuzzFeed is like an early movie studio and why he encourages ‘crushes.’” This piece is much better and more important than you think.

* “Europe’s man problem: Migrants to Europe skew heavily male — and that’s dangerous.”

* “Academics Are So Lefty They Don’t Even See It.” This fits my experience.

* “Long-range forecast,” though I think these points are overstated, the world is continuing to move in the right direction, and too much “news” is really “blips.”

* “OkCupid Adds a Feature for the Polyamorous: Seeing an increased interest in non-monogamous arrangements, the company will allow couples to link their profiles and search for additional mates.” Is the venue itself in which this is being published a sign that the practice described is going mainstream? If so, what does that mean for novelists?

* Unions may no longer be able to forcibly raid their members’ pockets, though the framing in the article itself is quite different.

* “Easing Tenure’s Grip Can Embolden Academia.” Yes, yes, yes, yes.

* Maajid Nawaz: “Why We Can’t Stay Silent on Germany’s Mass Sex Assaults.”

* Bizarrely, where and how kids walk to school is a contentious issue.

* GM May Have Just Changed the Game for Electric Cars. Here’s What It’s Up To. A very important story.

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