Links: Tolkien, San Francisco, cops, climate change, love

* “Tolkien, The Force Awakens, and the Sadness of Expanded Universes,” an astonishingly excellent post; if I had to draw one lesson it would be that every successful rebellion must eventually end in governance, which results in problems similar to the ones that drove the rebellion in the first place. Fighting the existing order is fun and sexy, but groups of humans need some kind of order, and when the fight dies down some kind of order must exist (or it will be found eventually elsewhere).

* “San Francisco’s Self-Defeating Housing Activists: Tech companies and workers are vilified while longtime homeowners who fight high-density growth continue to profit from rising rents and property values.”

* “In 2015, the second safest year for cops in modern history, the NY Post used phrase “war on cops” over 80 times.” Hat tip pg.

* “We’ve Already Reached the Tipping Point on Global Warming. I’ve Seen It.”

* “Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix.”

* “The Financial Benefits of Buying What You Love,” a perhaps underrated point, but how often do you know what you’ll really love before you buy it? Paging, maybe, Vanhawks, given the original link.

* “Iran’s blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web.” Maybe. I’d reframe and say that we’re all killing the web, every day, in the choices that we as individuals make. We are the problem.

* The refragmentation, by Paul Graham, and by definition any essay he writes is worth reading.

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