Morcock, Melville House, school, boundaries and norms, the greatest NCY pictures you’ve ever seen, and more!

* “The Anti-Tolkien,” about Michael Moorcock, is quite good and worth reading but it does one thing that consistently annoys me: it doesn’t tell new readers where we should start. Any piece about a long-established and/or prolific artist should have a suggested starting point. Few if any artists are equally good across dozens of works. In the case of Elmore Leonard, for example, I’d suggest starting with Get Shorty and Out of Sight in that order.

* Melville House on publishing The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture. You “should” read it, though you probably won’t.

NYC_Skyline* Don’t be a full-time adjunct and don’t go to grad school, which ought to be obvious.

* The Unappreciated Success Of Charter Schools.

* Dr. Ali: On sexual boundaries, exotic lovers and three ways I answer your dating questions

* It’s always been hard to make a living in art.

* Incredible NYC pictures taken from 7,500 feet.

* Heat Death: Venture Capital in the ’80s is unexpected and well-cited.

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  1. It’s been years since I read Moorcock, but I suspect a fan would point you to the Elric of Melnibone series. The books are pretty short and, if memory serves, kind of grim, but they were a big deal in the ’70s and ’80s; the paperbacks were in bookstores back when the fantasy section was very, very small.

    I’m amused to see the New Yorker introducing its readers to a 40-year-old fantasy series—in an article with a sidebar link to an article about A Canticle for Liebowitz, which was published in 1960. I don’t fault the authors of those pieces, but way to keep on top of cultural trends, editors!


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