Links: Drugs (not the fun kind), misers, questions, and more

* Phages versus drug-resistant bacteria—really?

* “What I Like About Scrooge: In praise of misers;” it may be that “people who consume a lot. . . are selfish. Misers leave more for others to consume.”

* Stupid Questions: “Most writers complain about the people who come to hear them talk. Or rather the questions they ask. It’s time to wonder whether these people are really asking dumb questions. Why are writers so determined to focus exclusively on their novels, as if there were no continuity between writing and life?”

* It’s been at least 800,000 years since carbon-dioxide levels were this high. See also Snails Are Dissolving in Pacific Ocean.

* “Why the Smart Reading Device of the Future May Be … Paper;” I still strongly prefer paper books.

* What would happen if everyone in the world stopped eating meat?

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