Links: Quiet, neuroscience, do-it-yourself art, writing, and more

* Neuroscience: the new phrenology?

* The Joy of Quiet, which I often seek. Still, I think parts are overrated, like this:

Around the same time, I noticed that those who part with $2,285 a night to stay in a cliff-top room at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur pay partly for the privilege of not having a TV in their rooms; the future of travel, I’m reliably told, lies in “black-hole resorts,” which charge high prices precisely because you can’t get online in their rooms.

It’s not hard: if you don’t want to listen to the TV… turn off the TV. Phone interrupting? Turn off your phone. Ditto for Facebook and its analogues.

* What Does it Mean to Be Poor?: The consumption of the poor is much higher than their incomes. Is poverty falling, or not? The answer is often, “It depends and how you measure and what you’re measuring.” In material terms—which the right likes to focus on—the poor are arguably doing better than ever. In health, public safety, and living experience terms—which the left likes to focus on—the poor are doing pretty poorly. This is also more of a class than income-based issue, despite me using income signifiers / descriptors her.

* Movies About Porn Shouldn’t Be This Boring, regarding About Cherry.

* Minimum Viable Movie: How I Made a Feature-Length Film for $0.

* Why Sex and Violence May Be Good For Young Adult Books.

* Writing Rules! Advice From The Times on Writing Well.

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