Where have I been? In exam land

Someone wrote to ask why I haven’t been posting much over the last month. He was too polite to say, “haven’t been posting much with real content,” but I think the last bit was implied. Anyway, the answer is short and unpleasant: studying for my master’s exams. The written is Thursday and the oral about a week after that. People I know in real life sometimes laugh when I say that I anticipate them like a combined rectal exam / execution. One girl responded, “In that order?” I said, “If it were the other way around it wouldn’t be that bad, would it?”

Expect me to resurface in about two weeks. Hopefully this resurfacing will be more like a whale coming up for oxygen than a whale simply beaching himself.

2 responses

  1. Good luck! I still remember the dread of mine (in history) twenty years ago. The good news is that the more you fear them, the better prepared you will be and the more you will drink when they are finished. I really enjoy your blog–not sure why more people don’t comment.


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