The cave

My cave is where I work and play, and this description of a nerd’s desired habitat is the best I’ve read:

My Cave is my intellectual home. My kitchen is where I eat, my bed is where I sleep, and my Cave is where I think. Everyone has some sort of Cave; just follow them around their house. It might be a garage full of tools or a kitchen full of cookware, but there is a Cave stashed somewhere in the house.

(The link came from Daring Fireball.)

You’ve probably seen my cave: I posted it here, in writing space, although the linked picture is an old one. Follow its links if you want to see where other book nerds operate. I’ll get around to taking a picture of my more recent setup, as the new version is cleaner, faster, less cluttered, features a bigger screen, and cost half as much as the old one. The common elements attributed to the cave are still present, however, as accouterments alone do not make the cave.

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