The best medical school, nursing school, and residency admission essay writer, ever: Bess Stillman

Bess Stillman is formally opening her medical school, nursing school, and residency admission essay writing consulting firm. She’s been informally picking up clients through word of mouth for the last decade. Now her website is up and she’s taking clients.

A great essay can be the difference in tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition, salaries, interest, and hours worked. Consequently and not surprisingly, smart people realize that the right essay right is insanely important. Bess does them right. I’m a biased party, but if I didn’t think she were really, really good at this genre I’d be silent instead of effusive. I’ve seen her work and acknowledge that she has savant-like skills. One could even offer the ultimate praise and say she has freak-level skills in this domain. Her prices are incredibly reasonable given the services offered.

I’ve seen her conjure up essays, but I’ve also seen her apply those skills in other domains. I’m a professional writer and struggled with the right tone for the query pitch and then dust jacket for Asking Anna. Bess came up with the first, key line:

Maybe marriage would be like a tumor: something that grows on you with time. At least that’s what Steven Deutsch thinks as he fingers the ring in his pocket, trying to decide whether he should ask Anna Sherman to marry him. Steven is almost thirty, going on twenty, and the future still feels like something that happens to other people. Still, he knows Anna won’t simply agree to be his long-term girlfriend forever.

When Steven flies to Seattle for what should be a routine medical follow up, he brings Anna and hits on a plan: he’ll introduce her to his friends from home and poll them about whether, based on their immediate judgment, he should ask Anna. But the plan goes awry when old lovers resurface, along with the cancer Steven thought he’d beaten, and the simple scheme he hoped would solve his problem does everything but.

Wow. This isn’t the sort of skill that can be easily taught or even articulated. Essays for schools and residencies are so short but so key. Bess manages to elicit important information from applicants, decide how it should be structured, and then phrase it in ways that win. She’s an artist for the best self.

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